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Often neglected, our feet are the key power transmitting parts of our bodies. Our feet are complex and powerful structures, each has 26 bones and a total of 100 individual bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Just as we all have different body types and builds, we all have feet with different characteristics.
It’s a sad fact that many cycling shoes have insoles that are often lacking when it comes to supporting and positioning the foot correctly. Commonly, cyclists experience pain in their feet, hot-spots, numbness and instability. It doesn't have to be this way!
Sidas custom footbeds enhance the connection between the foot, shoe and pedal. The integrity of the complete interface is crucial and custom footbeds provide significant gains in the comfort and stability of your foot and in power transfer.
With Sidas custom moulding technology, the footbeds are 100% customised to your foot shape and profile, they are individually moulded to give complete foot support and correct alignment.
Sidas footbeds are designed for cycling and have a multi-part construction providing comfort, support, stability, vibration absorption and excellent power transfer.
Sidas custom bike footbeds have an Alcantara antibacterial top cover, it’s soft to touch and provides durability.
sidas custom footbed
sidas custom footbed
With the footbeds prepared for moulding your foot is gently aligned while supported on the vacuum mould.
custom moulding cycling footbed
The completed footbed, unique to you, completely supports your foot and reflects your individual foot mechanics.
finished custom footbed

For pricing of custom footbed fitting see BIKE FIT SERVICES

cusom moulding footbeds
1 The feet are aligned and the moulding taken in the Sidas HDVAC 2 moulding system.
preparing custom footbeds
2 The Sidas footbeds are placed in the MODUVAC machine.
heating custom footbeds
3 Heating the footbeds on the MODUVAC vacuum platform.
vacuum moulding footbeds
4 The footbeds are positioned in the vacuum moulding.
correct foot alignment
5 The athlete's feet are repositioned on the footbeds to complete the customised moulding.
finishing custom footbeds
6 After trimming the footbeds are finished.
Tash: I would highly recommend these bespoke footbeds to anyone who cycles regularly on or off road as these have made more than “marginal difference” to my cycling.